The moment I first discovered TedTalks, I was blown away, especially because I watched some very ‘deep’ ones a few of which I talked about here on the blog.

Since then I tried to stick to a weekly plan of watching TedTalks weekly, well yeah i haven’t been able to do that so much, but when I have the time, I try to stay inspired with some of these talks.

Today’s post is on three talks i recently watched and thought to share. I am confident that it will make you begin to see things very differently. It is not a long post at all as I will just put up the links to these posts and tell you a bit about them, it’s now left for you to go and discover the gem yourself.

Stay with me!

1) Success, Failure and the drive to keep creating by Elizabeth Gilbert:This talk lasted for only 7 minutes but trust me when I say it was power packed!

Key point: You need to find what is ‘home’ to you and do everything within your will to always go back there.

Direct Link here

2) The Skill of Self Confidence by Dr Ivan Joesph: This is one of the best I’ve way he’s in a while because you know I’m always about the confidence and self love life.

Key point: Believing in yourself will open doors for you as well as practice, repetition and persistence.

Direct Link here:

3) Programming Your Mind For Success By Carrie Green: What are the steps you take to launch you into that next step? When do you finally say you’re ready and take the leap?

Key Point: Eliminate Fear and Visualize your biggest goals!

Direct link here:

I’m positive that you’ll learn a thing or more from these videos.

Over to you…

Do you watch TedTalks? Which ones are your favourites? I would love to know.

Have a beautiful day ahead!