So I realized it’s been ages since our last “Portable Diaries” and because I was in the mood to rant today, this post was birthed. If you haven’t read any of my portable diary entries, you can check here . What is my bone of contention today you might ask? Well, there are certain people who have no idea what and what not to say to we the ‘fun sized’ people -yeah, fun sized is definitely part of those things you do NOT call a portable person, in case you were wondering. Anyway, today I’ll be sharing 10 things you shouldn’t say to a portable person.

How has the week been TPH fam? Personally I’m very glad it’s the weekend.

Remember that here on the portable diaries, it’s all love, no hate, no hard feelings whatsoever. I actually write these post for the sole aim of humour, so get comfy, grab a drink and laugh away! (Don’t choke though)


So, 10 things you shouldn’t say to a portable person;

1. I wish I was small like you.
Do you? Do you really? Or are you just trying to make me feel better? If it’s the latter, you can relax, I’ve accepted my fate.

2. You’re so cute!
I’ll have you know that I’m a grown woman and not a toddler or an animal, and even though most times you confuse me for a 12 year old, do not use the adjective ‘cute’ to describe me! Makes me feel like a baby! Call me beautiful instead. *inserts wink*

3. How tall are you?
I mean, because of people like you, I have refused to check my height, just so I could put it in your face that I DON’T KNOW! Okay I guess at some point I have to know, until then, no questions please!

4. Can you reach that? … never mind.
What do you mean never mind?! I could always use a stepping stool to get whatever it is you want me to get. Don’t underestimate me, I could be very resourceful too.

5. You make me feel so tall
Don’t be deceived, you’re not that tall, I’m just shorter than you. Whatever that means.

6. I actually didn’t see you there.
Oh wow, so I suddenly have the invisibility power innit? You’re funny.

7. You’re so tiny, I could just carry you!
Nope! You can’t just go around lifting every tiny person, we’re people too, not things.

8. Aww, your children are going to be so small.
Are you God? Answer me

9. I didn’t know you were this small!
Right. Now you know, keep it moving!

10. This bag looks like a travelling bag for you.
Fam, everyone knows it’s a handbag, don’t blame your poor eyesight on anybody.

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There you go guys, and you’re welcome!
While I know that this will not deter most of you, I hope you enjoyed this post?

So which of these things are you guilty of saying? Don’t worry I won’t bite. Let’s talk in the comments.

Have a blissful weekend!