I usually enjoy writing these ‘life lately’ posts because it’s one of the ways I get to connect personally with you. Although it’s been literally ages since the last one, I think with us five months into 2019, it’s about time we updated ourselves; titbits and whatnot!

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The last five months breezed by rather quickly, however I like to think that they’ve been pretty eventful for me.

There have been moments of extreme joy and happiness, and there have been moments of silent tears and solitude.

I have learned quite a number of life lessons when it comes to the human nature, and why the Bible records indeed that the heart of man is desperately wicked. I have learned lessons on family, and why it should never be taken for granted. I have learned lessons on friends and acquaintances, and why you need to have the best support system you can get. Lastly, I learned that you need to know your worth all the time, and add tax to it!

I have made some bold decisions when it comes to what exactly I want for my life, especially in this year and how to arrive at that point. And, I’m learning everyday that even though I may feel the fear, I should still do them anyways.

I’ve made peace with the fact that while some things may appeal to me, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re meant for me.
It’s been a real ride, but I’m thankful for it.

Currently I am…

Drinking: Lots and Lots of water, that’s one habit I’m glad I picked up this year. I mean, the constant peeing can be really annoying, but I can live with it.

Reading: ‘You Are A Badass’ by Jen Sincero. You already know that I’m all for books that add value. It literally says on the cover that it’s a book on how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. So far, I am loving it, hopefully I finish it soon, and share some life lessons from it.

Eating: Food. Although, I have been having serious cravings for small chops, like the whole package, and I still haven’t satisfied that craving yet. I haven’t been feeling like cooking in recent times, but a girl’s gotta eat right?

Anticipating: Going hiking this weekend! I went on my first hike about a month ago, and even though I could hardly move my legs the week after, I totally loved the experience and I can’t wait to do it again.


Grateful: Every day for life, family, my amazing church and for friendships that add value rather than drain virtue.

Wishing: That I could just go on a trip even if it’s just for a few days, preferably to where there is a beach. This place is hot, and I just need a change of scenery.


Excited About: A project I’m currently working on! I honestly can’t wait to share it with you, it’s huge guys! I’ll stop there so I don’t jinx it. Haha!

Amazed: At my level of progress when it comes to flatlays and product photography. I have such a long way to go, but I’m thankful for how far I’ve come.


Noticing: That I might be stuck on the wig life. I’ve had cornrows on for a longggggg time now, and I don’t think I want to go back to making my hair. Love the thrill that comes with removing the wig! Who’s with me? If I change my mind though, I’ll let you know.

Inspired by: Creatives who are putting in all the work to make themselves relevant in the creative industry. It’s not an easy job, in fact it’s a constant battle everyday, and I would know. But some people have garnered a lot when it comes to their craft, and their excellence now speaks for them. Guys, keep at it. One day it’ll pay off.

Praying and Hoping: That God comforts everyone grieving, he’s the only one that truly understands their pain.

Hooked on: Sermons from Apostle Joshua Selman My friends from church introduced me to some of his messages, and I’ve not been able to stop listening to them. Wisdom and words of life flow from that man. That’s all I’ll say.

In need of: New pictures! Looking through my gallery, I realized it’s been a really long time since I dressed up and took some professional peng pictures, and you know a girl needs to have some of those every now and then. I’m working on it though.

Unbothered: About Instagram and their constant change in algorithm, it’s exhausting. (Rolling my eyes)

Irritated: By the behaviour of certain individuals who have no regard for boundaries, integrity and how their words and actions directly or indirectly affects the next person.

Loving: My weird, amazing and beautiful self more and more everyday. Everyone needs a me in their life you know. *inserts smirk*


Elated: With my award! Guys I was awarded in my church as the most outstanding youth! I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting it at all. It feels really good to be recognized, that I can tell you. There’s a push it gives you to want to do more.


Planning: A solo date. Probably to the movies. Hopefully, I don’t chicken out this time!

Feeling: A little scared about Sunday. I was asked to give a sermon for our youth Sunday. I think I’m prepared, but I still have the chills. Pray for me guys!

Glad: That I got around to finishing this post!


I think I covered basically everything, so that’s about it guys!

Over To You…
What have you been up to lately? Let’s talk in the comments.